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How Local Citations Boost Your Local Business

Local citations are a great and easy way to increase the online visibility of your local business and help you attract more customers. What is a local citation? A local citation is an online mention of your local business info including the business name, business address, and business phone number. These mentions usually are found on review websites, social media platforms,  and in, local business directories but can also be found elsewhere on the internet as well.

Why Local Citations Matter to Your Business

Online citations are important to your local business because they help consumers find you online, and they can boost your search engine ranking, which in turn, makes your any search engine related marketing you engage in that much more effective. Your local business information is easily accessible online, more walk-in traffic is generated as a result and better digital exposure increases sales and targeted customers for your business.

Core Elements of a Local Citation

Your Local business citation should be made up of three core pieces of information; your correct business information (business name, address and phone number, known as NAP), your customer and product reviews and a link back to your web site. Other elements that should be included in your local citations are; your hours of operation, your store and product images.  You can also include accepted payment options if applicable. Keep in mind that regardless of which extra items may be included, the three main information pieces that make up the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) must be present and accurate a high-quality local citation.

Be Proactive

 High-quality local citations can benefit your business tremendously, but conversely, poor local citations can hit your business like a heavy punch in the stomach. Poor local citations result when a business has a low number of citations or the business information is inaccurate.   Therefore as a local business, take a proactive approach to building a high number of local citations and ensure the information being shared about your business is accurate and up to date. Additionally, you’ll want to pay close attention to the business reviews on each of the profiles you create. Negative reviews can have a strong adverse effect on a business. This strategy creates more visibility for your business ensures that your consumers always have the correct information about your business and can quickly call or visit your location. 


Your local business, whether you fly solo or have several locations, can benefit from local citations.  Conversely, they can be negatively impacted by poor or a low number of local citations. Local citations enhance your business reputation and help influence search engine rankings and your business revenue. 

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