Local Marketing

Local marketing to help your business reach more customers near you

What is Local Marketing

Simply put, local marketing is a strategy that is designed to help your business reach more customers on search engines like Google, and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram who are searching for your business, product or service in your local area.

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Get Local

As a local business it is extremely important to have a strong digital presence since most consumers use a search engine to find what they need.

To be seen, you need to be visible in the search at the right time.

Earn Trust

More than 90% of web users read reviews before buying. Online reviews of your business are a huge deciding factor whether a customer chooses you over your competition.

More than ever it is important to ensure that your online reputation is positive and growing. More positive reviews equals more trust and more customers.

Negative reviews happen. However even negative review can turn into a positive outcome and increase your reputation even more.


Get Results

The key to engaging with your audience is analyzing the results.

We continually analyze and measure how your local marketing campaign is performing to ensure that we are reaching your audience when it matters most.

How We Work

You will work with an account manager from our team to create and/or optimize your campaigns and to manage your account(s). We will want to learn more about your business, and we will schedule a phone interview in which we will gather information to understand business, your digital marketing needs and goals.

To measure your social management efforts, we will measure and analyze how your campaign is performing along with providing suggestions for increasing engagement and social performance.


We will need access to your social account(s) so we can manage them effectively. This access will allow us to post to your accounts and measure account performance.

Yes, if you do not have social accounts already set up we will set it up for you.  Additionally, if you do have social accounts set up, we will optimize your social accounts so that they reflect your brand and brand message.

We manage all popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and more.  We optimize all your social accounts to reflect your brand and your brand message.

You should begin to see results within 30 days, but long term results are realized over time.  It is recommended that to see more long term results social media management should be implemented for a period 6-12 months, or ideally ongoing to continue to see long term growth and better results.

There are no long term contracts for our social media management services.  You can cancel with 30 days written notice of cancellation.  Upon cancellation, all proprietary information will be returned to you.